November 20

Malcolm Russell – Magician


You want medieval magic? Malcolm Russell’s got it!

In a show full of sleight of hand, mind-reading, prestidigitation, comedy and even a little juggling, Russell brings the sights, the sounds and unfortunately the smells of days long past to your marketplace.

The show is free of (excessive) bloodshed but Russell keeps an edge enough to entertain everyone from wee innocent kiddies up to grizzled and world-weary grandparents.

Social distancing will be in place – please remain more than a sword’s length away from the stage, and no throwing rotten veg, thank you very much.

With thirty years’ experience performing across the world in North America, Europe and Asia, Russell now makes his home a donkey’s ride from the hallowed halls of the Stampede Grounds and will be showing up every day to perform for you and your loved ones, whether you want him to or not.


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