About Us
The Calgary Medieval Faire & Artisan market is owned and operated by 3 Calgary locals: Gail Stamp, owner of LegendWorks Events Inc. and Amanda Kindle and Jennifer Mueller. Co-owners and business partners of Friends and Gems Inc.

In 2018 these three successful businesswomen came up with the brilliant idea of starting up a Medieval Faire in Calgary with the thought that the timing couldn't be more perfect. Interest in medieval times had grown substantially over the years with popular programs like 'Game of Thrones', 'Knightfall', 'The Last Kingdom' and many more.

May of 2019 brought about the 1st Annual Calgary Medieval Faire & Artisan Market and it was greatly welcomed by the Calgary community and brought in people from surrounding areas as far as Lethbridge and Edmonton. It was such a huge success and the partners are looking forward to the future.

Future plans: continued expansion of this exciting event.