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Join Us at the 1st Annual Vegreville, AB 
Medieval Faire & Artisan Market 

For its 1st year, the Vegreville Medieval Faire & Artisan Market have existeth
to transport you to time of majesty and magic.

Don thy robes, gowns, amour, and burlap and immerse yourself in Medieval Merriment.

Event Dates: July 12-14, 2024
Location: Vegreville Stampede Grounds


You missed out!


Prepare thyself for The Vegreville Medieval Faire & Artisan Market!

There was a time when Vegreville was without…but no more!

Walk with brave Knights, rub shoulders with Vikings, wander the Medieval Market. Be amazed and entertained!

Get ready for a weekend of epic excitement and treasures from throughout the realm:

Talented Vendors & Interactive Displays; Magic, Music & Enthralling Tales, Performances both Weird & Wonderful; Authentic Costumes & Decor.







Thy quest for fun? Seeketh no more!

Shed thy khakis and business-casual attire.
Don thine robes, gowns, amour, and burlap.
And immerse yourself in Medieval Merriment.

Vikings & Knights, Storytellers, Minstrels, & Magicians

There’s something for all ages at the  Vegreville Medieval Faire & Artisan Market. Sights and sounds to entertain and tantalize the senses.
Come for a day or the whole weekend—the longer you wander, the more thou willst discover!
* Live Jousting
* Armored Combat Re-enactment
* Viking Village
* Magic to take your breath away
* Tales of courage told by a handsome bard
* Pillory photos opps and other frivolities
* ‘Fight the Knight’, pool noodle jousting, for thine brood.

Interested in being a part the entertainment at the Faire?  Click on the link below and Apply Today!

Wander the Artisan Market & Wonder at the Sights.

Artisans, craftspersons, and merchants alike, here to demonstrate their skill and craft.
Discover your new treasure, speak with a master craftsperson, and deck thyself and thine hold with bling fit for royalty.

- Jewellery, gems, and powerful trinkets
- Blacksmiths, swords, and armour
- Wood and leather work
- Toys, bits, and bobbles

Are you a talented craftsperson?
Dost thou wish to sell thy wares at the
Vegreville Medieval Faire & Artisan Market?

Apply Now, spaceth is limited…

Hear ye, hear ye!
Join Us and Enter to Win our Medieval Faire & Artisan Market Costume Contest!

Dust off thy coif, oil thy targe, glitter thy unicorn horn…

Share your passion for medieval fashion and flare—and win prizes!

Willst thou stand before our judges as a magical woodland fey? A lady or lord? A mighty wizard or warrior? Immerse yourself in medieval fun and enter the costume contest!

With separate categories for children, teens, and adults, thine whole family may enter.

To the Feast!

Oh, what a splendid and enchanting feast for you to attend! The combination of delectable food and captivating entertainment from the Royal Court is an extraordinary experience.

As the guests are indulging in the sumptuous feast, the skilled members of the Royal Court are sure to keep you mesmerized with their talents. The singers and dancers will transport you to another realm, creating an atmosphere of joy and delight. The Royal Storyteller will weave tales of adventure, love, and magic, capturing the imagination of all those present. The Court Magician will perform awe-inspiring tricks, leaving the audience in awe and wonderment.

Thy Growing List of Entertainment…

Ryan Stinn

From the Northern Realm doth come Ryan Stinn! Prepare thyself for a merry spectacle of juggling, baton, twirling and hoop antics!

The Vikings Vinland

The Vikings - Vinland Society is an organization focused on developing and presenting the reconstructed lifestyle and culture of the Vikings.

Lothar Malmberg

Considered to be one of Alberta's finest family entainers and magical teachers, we are delighted to host Lothar at the Vegreville Faire.

Angus & Dolina

Do you like singing songs, dancing dances, hearing stories, and learning Scottish Gaelic? If so, Angus and Dolina are the act for you!

Society of Tilt & Lance Calvary

In recent years the equestrian sport of Jousting has enjoyed quite a revival.  We are very happy to be presenting STALC at the Vegreville Faire.

The Red Stags

The Red Stags are very excited to be attending the Vegreville Medieval Faire & Artisan Market.  Join us for a round of Fight the Knight!  Great fun for all ages.

Strathcona Warhorse

The Strathcona War Horse is a dedicated group of authentic medieval heavy armored combat fighters, bringing historical battles to life with unmatched skill and passion.




Vegreville, AB

Faire Dates: July 12-14, 2024
Fri, July 12 - 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sat, July 1310 am6 pm
Sun, July 1410 am - 6 pm

AGE 13 - 64

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Hark! Hear the Praise of Noble and Peasant alike…


What an awesome event! Tons of activities for kids and families, live battles, great storytelling, and amazing vendors.


Great vendors, great atmosphere and amazing energy!!


His favourite was getting to battle (and beat!) knights himself!


What an incredible day! My son and I had SO MUCH FUN! From bubble blowing for what felt like hours, to geode squashing, watching real live knights fight it out, and getting a new favourite play sword, we both had a great time, and there was lots of interesting things for me to look at, shop and browse.

His favourite was getting to battle (and beat!) knights himself.
I really enjoyed seeing other adults in costume, there were some elves and wizards too!


What a great day! Swords and axes clashing, wee ones with amazing face paint, enthusiastic story sharing, artist of many varieties and amazing skill in leather and metal working and happy faces throughout the area and can't forget the caretakers of spirit, crystals, gems, stones and plants.. thank you... see you next year!


Join the Fun!

Come ye mighty and meek!
Raise thine sword, wand, mug, and pitchfork…

For the realm! For the feast! For the fun!

Join us at the
Medieval Faires & Artisan Markets!

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